Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Assignment for October 4

1. Prepare an (expanded) outline of Prof. Nakano's video lectures on Units 1 and 2. You need to arrange the texts in numbers and sequence according to the order in which Prof. Nakano delivered her lecture. You also need to provide examples and other details that Prof. Nakano mentioned during her lecture. Your outine should not be a complete replica of Prof. Nakano's powerpoint material.

Note: Type and print out. Submission deadline: October 4, in-class

2. Answer the following questions in essay form.

2.1 What did you learn in this lecture, 'World English and Miscommunications: Introduction'

2.2 What is your attitude toward the different varieties of the English Language?

2.3 In what ways do you think the concept of world Englishes affect your notion (what you think of) of your English language skills.

2.4 In what ways do you think World Englishes could result to miscommunications. Give examples.

Note: You need to type and print out and submit on October 4. In addition, you also need to post this essay on the OIC platform. Give your essay a title. Ask other participants to comment on your work.


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