Thursday, July 30, 2009

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Monday, July 09, 2007

Live Earth on MSN Link

I found this video on MSN and thought you might be interested in it. Live Earth is a monumental music event that will engage, connect, and inspire individuals, corporations and governments to take action to solve the climate crisis. Click this link to go to my favorite part of Live Earth - The Concerts for a Climate in Crisis

Main page

You can also upload your own videostories, click here

Monday, June 25, 2007

Blue Man Group video featured on "Earth To America!"

Greenpeace Brasil

Note: Thanks Monica for the link :-)

Friday, June 22, 2007

3rd Video Conference on Global Warming with Waseda University students

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Chaos in the Future?

About the work and video shooting of our team

We had a brief idea of what we’re going to do for the final project in the Wednesday class. Then we had seen many examples of how we’re going to present and what is it going to look like of this project. The central idea is about global warming, and what we will do is to shoot videos to give the audience ideas of what may be caused by global warming, and what will affect us because of the warming issue in our daily lives. Also we need to make a poster as a warning of consequences of global warming with a slogan on it.

We had a discussion over this to plan for the contents we would like to present in the commercial and on the poster. We had decided that we shoot two videos. One is when global warming has come to the extreme point, the weather would become extremely awkward and unsteady. At the beginning, we might still be capable to know what is going on around the world through news media. There would be a day when things going out of control that even reporters dare not to be at the scene reporting the latest news. After that the globe would be in great chaos that no one knows what is happening. People run for their lives. We shot this video in the campus of Wenzao on a raining day. Another one we’d like to show is that if we don’t see and solve the climate change problem caused by global warming, it’s very likely that a draught might happen. Until then people would have no clean waters to drink, and their only chance to keep them from being killed by dehydration would be drinking whatever the liquid is they find. Then disease will start to take over the world because people start drinking dirty water which contains many bacteria. We shot this video at Pallas’s apartment.

The future is in your hands

Carrie: Mirror, mirror on the wall, What has happened to Taiwan because of the climate change?

Mirror: Several years before actually before the climate had break out, Taiwan was beautiful, clean, unpolluted. Filled of fresh air. Until you people, the misery shall happen in Taiwan in several decades time.
You will not have to go to Italy for vacation because you will be living in Viena.

照片分割 Narration
第一ㄍ影片: Carrie: Mirror, mirror on the wall, What will happen to Taiwan because
of the climate change?

第二ㄍ影片: Mirror: Several years actually before the climate change had break out,
Taiwan was beautiful, clean, unpolluted. Filled of fresh air.

狗與騎車的影片(轉換中): Until you people,

十年後的照片: the pain shall happen in Taiwan in several decades time.

淹水ㄉ照片: You will not have to go to Italy for vacation because you will be living
in Viena.

神之手之前ㄉ照片: Stopping climate change, stop your habits

神之手: the future is in your hand

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Live with Global Warming

In another commercial, we pointed out some inevitable truth like our summer day became hotter than before but we used air con more often. It is just like a vicious circle. We must do something to curb the problem immediately. We provided some practical ways in response to the global warming. These are all the useful and economic methods to prevent our environment from deteriorating.

Give your child a dream

In this presentation, we chose a topic that is related to our life, we took a little boy as an example. He wished that one day he could see the snow, so he started to save money. However, thing became different after he arrived the land. We would like to arouse public awareness through the simple way, and we would like to put emphasize on how our environment is worsen.

Save Earth from Heating!

Poster study from Candy's Group

In this poster, earth is heating because of global warming. Our earth is suffering because we human beings are destroying earth by satisfy our desire and ignore the basic right of all kinds of life on earth. We have to try to stop global warming and save this beautiful earth from heating. Moreover, the small picture below is our logo which means we have to gather everyone’s effort to create better lives.

Keep it or melt it

Note from Group Members:
We produced this commercial in order to show the serious situation around the world about global warming. We first showed the picture of large quantity of emissions from factories and transportations and picture of forest had been cut down. These emissions are the main reason of global warming and the photosynthesis has become weaker and weaker because of decreasing amounts of trees. We then showed a picture of drought. Because of the climate change, some places are facing problems of drought which will directly cause lack of food. Following pictures are pictures about the frequency of fire, melting icebergs and hurricanes which are occurring around the world because of the climate change. We put a picture of an earth-like ice cream which is melting to show that the earth is facing these problems now, and then put our slogan “Keep it, or melt it?” in order to aware the public that people should be aware of what is happening and also should try to do something to stop this problem.

1094200065 Tony Sun
1094200067 Gloria Dai
1094200068 Lydia Liao
1094200075 Sharon Lin
1094200076 Joe Su

Small steps, Big Changes


1094200065 Tony Sun
1094200067 Gloria Dai
1094200068 Lydia Liao
1094200075 Sharon Lin
1094200076 Joe Su

* Essay writing

AD 1 – Joe Su
AD 2 – Tony Sun

* Narration

AD 1 - Lydia Liao

AD 2 - Sharon Lin

* Pictures searching

Gloria Dai

* Poster edit

Joe Su

* Movie maker edit

Lydia Liao

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Stop Global Warming Propagranda Strategies

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Taiwan's share in controlling global warming

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