Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Keep it or melt it

Note from Group Members:
We produced this commercial in order to show the serious situation around the world about global warming. We first showed the picture of large quantity of emissions from factories and transportations and picture of forest had been cut down. These emissions are the main reason of global warming and the photosynthesis has become weaker and weaker because of decreasing amounts of trees. We then showed a picture of drought. Because of the climate change, some places are facing problems of drought which will directly cause lack of food. Following pictures are pictures about the frequency of fire, melting icebergs and hurricanes which are occurring around the world because of the climate change. We put a picture of an earth-like ice cream which is melting to show that the earth is facing these problems now, and then put our slogan “Keep it, or melt it?” in order to aware the public that people should be aware of what is happening and also should try to do something to stop this problem.

1094200065 Tony Sun
1094200067 Gloria Dai
1094200068 Lydia Liao
1094200075 Sharon Lin
1094200076 Joe Su

It is high time we changed our attitude and thought more about this environmental issues which can doom our future.
Thanks for alerting us for this with such a great video.
Way to go!
i love the idea of making this poster!
thank you all!
I am glad that you like it :)
It's getting hotter and hotter nowadays, it seems like being melted when walking outside, just like the ice cream...
I agree, the weather is getting hotter everyday, it's just like the hot pot cooking on fire. Even the ice cube would melt as soon as it was taken outside, and that's how we get the idea of melting earth...
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