Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Give your child a dream

In this presentation, we chose a topic that is related to our life, we took a little boy as an example. He wished that one day he could see the snow, so he started to save money. However, thing became different after he arrived the land. We would like to arouse public awareness through the simple way, and we would like to put emphasize on how our environment is worsen.

Dear all,

What a great message! I'm Carla Arena, a Brazilian English teacher, and I just loved the way you put forth your message. I have two kids and it's certainly something that crosses my mind every day. Let the kids dream and hold to their dreams!

Excellent job.

I second Carla's word!
What a great message.
Children are the future. Let's provide them with a better future by improving our present environment situation!
Great job!
Dear Wenzao and staff,
I showed my son this video and he was totaly impressed!Your messages about the environment and having a dream were so easily understood( he is 9 years old). I just want to tell you that seeing snow has also been my dream since my childhood!I guess that's why your presentation touched my heart!
Way to go!
Hala from Sudan( who has never seen snow before!)
I am so glad to hear these words from all of you. After hearing your favorable common, it is worth to spent so much time on doing this present.

Thank you.

Hehe... This is my idea, so I am so proud of it. Thank you for loving our "film." I never seen snow before, too. I am so so happy to have the chance to work on this project. Thank you, Aiden, for giving us this opportunity and also Ann Hung and other group members( Tina Lin, Austin Lin and Candy Lin). Without u guys, my idea won't be a masterpiece. Thank you all so so much. Thank you for supporting our film.
I really like the idea. Giving children a dream is such an important thing! Especially for what the environment we could provide to the kids.
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