Friday, June 22, 2007

Chaos in the Future?

About the work and video shooting of our team

We had a brief idea of what we’re going to do for the final project in the Wednesday class. Then we had seen many examples of how we’re going to present and what is it going to look like of this project. The central idea is about global warming, and what we will do is to shoot videos to give the audience ideas of what may be caused by global warming, and what will affect us because of the warming issue in our daily lives. Also we need to make a poster as a warning of consequences of global warming with a slogan on it.

We had a discussion over this to plan for the contents we would like to present in the commercial and on the poster. We had decided that we shoot two videos. One is when global warming has come to the extreme point, the weather would become extremely awkward and unsteady. At the beginning, we might still be capable to know what is going on around the world through news media. There would be a day when things going out of control that even reporters dare not to be at the scene reporting the latest news. After that the globe would be in great chaos that no one knows what is happening. People run for their lives. We shot this video in the campus of Wenzao on a raining day. Another one we’d like to show is that if we don’t see and solve the climate change problem caused by global warming, it’s very likely that a draught might happen. Until then people would have no clean waters to drink, and their only chance to keep them from being killed by dehydration would be drinking whatever the liquid is they find. Then disease will start to take over the world because people start drinking dirty water which contains many bacteria. We shot this video at Pallas’s apartment.

Hi Guys,
this is really a scary prediction of such a near future!
But I agree with you, son enough we will run out of such precious natural and vital resources like water, unless we do something and FAST!
Thanks for creating the awareness. We need more people like you.
Only with campaigns like yours can we fight off this chaos to be.
Hi everyone!
I'm Mônica, a teacher from Brazil, and I'd like to say I loved all the videos, congratulations! Being sensible about the use of the world's natural resources is the first step to saving them to future generations. Thanks for discussing the topic and making us think about what we can - and should - do about the environment!
A hug from sunny Brazil!
Hi, everyone!
Kudos to all those who created such a powerful video, so well and effectively acted, and such a great poster!
You've all done amazing work that I'm going to share with teacher-friends.
Congrats also to the teacher!
Teresa A. d'Eca (Portugal)
Hello there,
Thank you for raising awareness of the topic by such a great video!This is such an effective waqy to let people know about what could be expected!
Good job!
It's a scary but impressive film, I love it! It arouses my awareness of being sensitive on this issue.
I really like your work.
I think the video is really shocked and impressive. If human don't do things to protect the earth, maybe someday the chaos would happened. I do enjoy this commerical ad!
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