Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Live with Global Warming

In another commercial, we pointed out some inevitable truth like our summer day became hotter than before but we used air con more often. It is just like a vicious circle. We must do something to curb the problem immediately. We provided some practical ways in response to the global warming. These are all the useful and economic methods to prevent our environment from deteriorating.

Dear students,

We should ALL learn a few tricks to do our own part to make this world a better place to live. Your message is one that we need to follow and consider on a daily basis.

Thanks for the great reminder and for sharing with us your fantastic video!

Carla Arena from Brazil
Dear students of all the projects,
I'm fascinated by your great work and effective messages. With you as the future of this planet, I'm sure that things will change and our beautiful planet will be saved.
Congratulations to all and to your wonderful and creative teacher who I have met f2f twice. She's a very dear friend. :-)
Keep up the great work and spread the word about saving our planet. I'll send the link to your blog to several friends.
Best wishes to all,
Teresa Almeida d'Eca (Portugal)
Well done! Your video looks very professional. I know Taiwan is already very hot in summer, so if it is getting even hotter, things must be very bad. We are also trying to do without air-conditioning as much as possible here in the Washington, DC area. We have not turned our A/C on yet! I would like to take the bus to work, but it doubles my commute time (from 2 hours a day to 4 hours a day), so up to now I haven't done it much. I wish I could! I try to drive as little as possible and do many errands together, rather than taking the car out many times. If we all do something, maybe we can reverse this frightening trend.
Great message!
And great alteranative examples to stop global warming.
I also travel by public transportation and walk a lot.
I have just bought a bike too.
It's so much fun and it does keep you in shape! ;-)
Thank u so so much for giving us so much comments and supports. I really appreciate them. I am one of the student who participated in making this film. I am really glad that you like it. We faced so many technical difficulties when we were working on it. So, thanks for saying "it is professional!" Haha...
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