Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Reminder: Sentence Outline Assignment due on March 28

Students watch the first part of the interview with George Monbiot, Columnist for The Guardian and author of the bestselling books Captive State, The Age of Consent, and Heat: How to Stop the Planet from Burning. He discusses the science of climate change. What causes global warming? What is the tipping point? And why are countries failing to act with any sense of urgency on the issue.

Students watch the video at http://www.iwtnews.com/videoplayer/george_monbiot_pt1
and answers questions posted above based on their understanding of the content by preparing a sentence outline

Upload your word file on the ecourse

Go to http://ecourse.wtuc.edu.tw/

Sign in

Look for 英語聽力與會話(二)

Once you are in the Listening Course page, click "Homework"

Click 'Present' Assignment 2, upload your assignment (saved in word document)

I've adjusted the deadline to March 30. Friday.

Please do not post your homework on the Yahoogroup.

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