Thursday, April 19, 2007

Global Warming Virtual Conference 1

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I was really happy because I said something in the conference meeting, it made me feel that I did participate in the meeting. I like the issue which we are discussing this semester because it is that important for us and everyone on the planet should take it as a responsible matter of ourselves.

Lydia Liao
I think the conference this time was really a good experience for me. Though I didn't have the chance to join the conference to the end, still I feel that everyone had done a good job. Also I was happy that I can have the chance to report even I was really nervous. Hope that next time we can have a great time during the next conference.

Gloria Dai
I think this conferencing was successful. When we present, I saw lots of them were taking notes, this action showed that they were really concentrating on our report. From this conferencing, I know more things about how Japan contribute and stop global warming. We should learn their ways and prevent contributing global warming more and more.
The conference is an impressive experience; all of the members did a good job and performed quite well. Through this conference, I found that Japanese are aware of the consequence of global warming, whereas so many Taiwanese still pay less attention to this serious issue. We should be more active and try to promote the ideas of global warming.
I enjoy a lot during this conference. I think it is the most successful presentation compare to the earlier times. Nowadays,global warming is really a serious issue we are facing. I can feel that the temperature is getting higher and higher these years. We should think about the consequence before it is too late,also take more responsibilities of our own actions. Anyway, the conference is quite impressive this time.
It was a pity that I need to leave earlier to attend another class, but I have always enjoy the conferencing. At the begining of the conference, Ilearned more detailed about how Taiwan contributes in global warming by the other classmates' report. I have now realized that how much Taiwan has been making so much green house effects. I think we, human, considered ourselves more intelligent than other creatures on earth, we should really stop harming our planet and try to save our world from what we have done to it. Thank you.

Sharon Lin
Pauline's comment:
I think this conference is better than the previous ones. There are three reasons why I think so. First, classmates are very active in asking questions, not always just those who asked questions during conference. This is a good start. Second, the atmosphere of interaction is vividly. For instance, when Sean proposed that cow’s farts are one of the causes of global warming, most Japanese students are very astonished and burst into huge laughter. Besides that, when one of us mentioned the festival “鹽水鋒砲”, the side of Japanese students are very curious about that kind of celebration and volunteer to ask what it is. This is what makes me so glad because we can introduce our special festival culture to foreigners. Third, by this mutual discussion, it rises me concerns about the hot issue of global warming. Before I was very indifferent about this issue. In conclusion, I hope good interaction atmosphere and discussion last to the second video conference.
I am glad to participate in this conference again. To be honest, I really like this topic and also the next one, because it is no longer discussing on the same topic again and again. However, I also found that we all seemed to be very rare with the conference, maybe it is because we haven't do it for a long time. I think next time we can do better than this time. Thanks for your paticipations!
I enjoy the video conference this time because of following reasons: first, all the presenters did the good job on that day. We spent a long time to prepare it, and we worked hard to make positive effort. Next, we had great experience exchange with Waseda students. The abundant discussion times make me appreciate to join this course, and then I have chance to understand the different situation between Taiwan and Japan. Finally, the video conference using the high technology to make the lecture in the same time with different student world wise, this advanced way of learning always eye-opening.
I knew how serious Taiwan is making global warming from this conference. Moreover, I understand that when we're enjoying this world, however, we're damaging our world and making global warming. Thus, how can we balance our simple life and enjoyable life have become a problem. If we choose to have a simple life which makes less destroy and reduce global warming could be better.
Conference 1 is different from we did before. We seperate many parts this time and everyone has their own topic or main idea to share to all the students. So this is the first time all the presenters have to speak in front of everyone. It's a good chance and i feel so happy that everyone fully cooperated.
I was glad for attending the first video conference in this semester. Although I didn't have to do the presentation this time, the meeting still impressed me very much. Because
compare with the conferences which I attended in the last semester, this meeting was the most lively one than ever! The student of two schools had a great interaction this time, everyone was fully participate during the conference. So, the first meeting was really a memorable experience to me.
This is the first time that I presented in a video conference. The topic which I presented was about cow emmissions. Lots of people didn't know the fact that cow emmissions contains gases which causes global warming.
Global warming is a very serious issue, it's good to know what people in other countries think about it. I had fun participating in this video conference, and I looking forward to the next on.
This is the first time that I had a presentation on the conference. I feel quite glad of this experience. Also the first time I had the courage to make comments and trying my best to answer the questions. The topic of the issue is realistic and useful in our lives. Also I have learned from the Japenese students' imfromation and know more things which is done by Japan to Global warming.
Sorry, I didn’t attend the first video conference because I had class in that time. I’m very interested in that the fart from the animals will cause global warming, especially from the cows. That might be very interesting. I also searched the information on the internet. That was so pity that I can’t discuss the topic with you. I will seize next chance to attend the conference.
I am soory that I couldn't attend the first video conference. But I had already search the information about the cause of the Glabla Warming and browse the first video conference on the blog.
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